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This is Me!

A creative artist specialising in video editing, video production and motion graphics. I work and engage with people who want to build a brand – the creative and strategic way.

My work enables you to grow your product and business faster and easier, ensuring your product cuts through the noise and delivers a clear message, with a consistent visual style, that is goal focused.

My visual thinking, creative packaging designs, and videos will ensure that your brand looks polished and professional for years to come. 
Having strategic alliances and partnerships with copywriters, photographers, and graphic artists, enables me to deliver you a complete package from concept to production.



I have spoken and judged many inter-college short film festivals. My travel photos have been published on many known and high-profile travel sites and magazines like tripoto, travel bible, native planet, etc. Some of my produced videos and films have been well appreciated at social media conclaves and seminars.

I hold a diploma in applied arts (graphic design major) from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai, India. Diploma in 2D classical animation from Thumbnail Studios, Pune, India, and have self-taught myself film production and editing.

My constant need to learn something new has made me explore visual effects, motion graphics, 3D designing, and animation up to the point that I can comfortably work on projects involving these skills. I have over 10 years of experience in the creative field with a wide range of projects under my belt.


I am a digital nomad and like to travel around the world with my family while running my design studio. I am an enthusiast travel photographer and make technology, how-to, and travel videos for YouTube. Rest assured, my clients are always - first priority.

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Film maker • Editor

I’m Suket Dedhia, a creative film-making and photography studio crafting beautiful experiences to help businesses grow and make a lasting impact on the world.


My Latest Work