About Me

Suket Dedhia
Suket Dedhia

My Story

I am a multidisciplinary creative artist with a focus on graphic design (packaging design) and a passion for video production & travel photography.

I started my career in designing at a very young age. Taught myself a lot many things through my journey. Video editing is one amongst them. I understood very early in life, that learning is a never ending curve. You should learn something new everyday of your life till you breath your last.

My Thoughts

I like to try a lot of things, and many more things after that. I call myself creative, I view things differently. I sometimes pick up items just because their packaging is good. I love to design, photography is my passion, I pursue film making and editing whenever I can. Uploading videos on youtube and putting up photographs on stock photo sharing website is my favourite pastime. 24 hours in a day seem to less for me. I am always found on my iMac working or trying to learn something new.