Branding is for a company what identity is for an individual, unique and associated till the end. A good branding builds value.

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Packaging Design

Packaging like all other branding is important for a brand, a good packaging makes the product stand out on the shelves.

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A photograph is a single image that can tell thousand stories.

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Brochures are the first point of contact between a client and a company.  A good brochure makes the client want to know more about the company.

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Publicity Design

The poster of any movie is the mirror to the movie, a good poster will generate curiosity for the movie

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Videos tell a story that a photograph cannot.

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Book Covers and Layouts

Book Designing is an intricate art, the cover of the book decides whether a reader will pick up the book or not.

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Typography is an art with its roots to the origin of written language. It is present everywhere around us, a good typo is visually appealing.

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This is Me!

I am a Designer, Writer and Film-Maker by profession. I have worked with some well known ad agencies and animation studios, before freelancing. My skill set includes Publicity Design, Brand Identity Design, Website Design, Communication Material Design, Photography and Filming...